Sniper Truths
By: Michael Haugen
The following are some truths concerning sniping that have been misused and misquoted over time. Some of these may bring hostility from some.Keep in mind that some of these may fall into opinion, however most are fact.

1.Kims Game does NOT stand for Keep In Memory System. The name comes from a book by the same name written byRudyard Kipling. The book is about a young orphan boy named Kim who is half-English and half-Indian living in India. Heis recruited by British intelligence to act as a spy. In the book Kim is taught how to increase his memory by being showna number of gems for a short time and then being asked what they were, their color, and worth. The account in the bookis more detailed but this is the concept. The British adopted this game and subsequently so did the Americans.

2. A gas gun is NOT better than a bolt gun. They are two different systems. Either is as good as the other, however bolt gunsare inherently more reliable while gas guns are inherently faster.

3..50 caliber Sniper Weapons Systems (current US Military systems) CANNOT routinely hit human targets at 2000 plusyards. The fifty is used against material and hardened targets. Current weapons systems with current available ammunition are not sub-minute capable. Consider that the round itself is ? inch in diameter to start with.

4.Military snipers CANNOT routinely make cold bore head shots at 1000 meters. This is not to say that it hasn’t happened,but it is not a routine occurrence with 7.62mm SWS. Under standard conditions, the .308 goes subsonic at around 975meters. The human head is under 1 moa at 1000 meters.

5. Field SWS CANNOT hold 0.5MOA at 1000 meters (5 inches approx.). Although several manufacturers make this claim, thereare very few shooters who could hold this standard and even fewer are in the military.

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6.1/4 moa Sniper Weapons Systems do NOT exist. Guns that are capable of this extreme accuracy are found on the benchusing carefully hand-loaded ammunition.

7.The Leupold M3 Ultra is NOT a ?mil dot scope. It has ?minute round (Army) dots.

8..308 or 7.62mm x 51mm NATO is actually more useful out to 600 – 800 meters then a 300 Winchester Magnum. Of coursethe 300 WM. flies faster and can help in bucking winds, but when combined with the training requirements and availability the .308 becomes the caliber of choice for military snipers.

9.Iron sights should be available on every SWS. Should the optics become damaged the sniper should have a back up system. There are times in combat when iron sights would be quicker and more useful than optics.

10.Most sniper missions do NOT include a ghille-clad stalk. Trained snipers will use the available terrain to mask their movement and provide them with concealment. Ghille suits are bulky and hard to use in combat.

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11. Most sniper missions do NOT require a long stalk to take a shot at one pre-identified target. The vast majority of militarysniper missions place snipers in static locations for days waiting for targets of opportunity. A sniper’s first mission priority is gathering intelligence, shooting is second.

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13.Shooting tracers through a sniper rifle does NOT ruin the barrel through the burning of the tracer materials, the tracer doesn’t light until it exits the barrel. The jacket is very hard on tracer, which will leave a heavy residue, but can be removed asany copper fouling.

14.JB bore cleaner does NOT harm the barrel. JB is a fine grit and it would require an extreme amount of lapping inorder to harm a stainless steel barrel.

15.The screw in the trigger shoe of the M24 does NOT adjust trigger pressure (as the manual indicates). This screw is theresult of the Army contract, which called for an adjustable trigger. The trigger is set at the factory at approximately 4.5pounds. The screw which has a spring behind it WILL increase the pressure, but will never lessen it beyond the factorysetting. The trigger is a Remington M700 trigger with an additional screw in the shoe period. In fact, the sear adjustmentscrew is staked at the factory (unlike the commercial M700) so that soldiers cannot adjust it.

16.Regardless of how capable a sniper is (military), he should always take torso shots. Snipers should train to take headshotsat 400 yards/meters and closer but in combat torso shots are preferable due to target unpredictability. I am not saying thatheadshots are never to be taken, I am saying that snipers should be trained to make the best decision for the moment.

17..223 (5.56mm) IS an effective sniper caliber, especially in an urban area and using SS109 ammunition. The steel Penetratordoes very well against glass and light obstacles. With the addition of 77 grain Open Tip Match, 5.56 systems are even moreviable now than ever.

18. Mil Dots do NOT stand for military dots. It stands for Milliradian dots.

19. The ONLY way to become proficient at sniper skills is to practice ALL aspects. If I had two guys of which only one I couldmake a sniper; one was an excellent shot but not good in the woods and the other was extremely good in the woods butcould not shoot very well. I would chose the second guy because he can learn to shoot much easier than the other guy canlearn field craft.

20.Counter Sniper is a mission NOT a position. You are either a sniper or you are not. If you are hunting another sniper thenyou are conducting a counter sniper mission. It is highly doubtful that hunting other snipers will be the limits of your duties.

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1.KIMS游戏不代表速记系统(KIMS——KEEP IN MEMORY SYSREM)。这个名字来源于Rudyard Kipling的小说的主人公的名字。这部小说讲述了一个生活在印度一半英国血统一半印度血统的年轻孤儿。他被英国情报机构招募成了一个间谍。书里KIM被教导如何增加记忆力。情报人员向他展示宝石然后迅速收起,再问他它们是什么,颜色和价值。书中解释的更加详细但这只是一个概念。英国人接受了这个游戏并把它教给童子军然后他们顺理成章的以为美国人也这样。(事实上不是)



4.军队狙击手不能保证在1000米冷膛爆头,不是说这事没发生过,只是用M24 SWS可不是个简单的事。在标准条件下,.308子弹在975米后会下降到亚音速。在1000米人的脑袋要小于1角分。

5.野战狙击系统不能保证在1000米还保持0.5 MOA的精度。尽管有人声称能做到,但只有极少数人能真正做到,而军人更少。

6.1/4 MOA的狙击系统是不存在的。能达到这种极限精度的这种枪只能在bench rest比赛找到并且使用用心装填的手装弹药。






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